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Our services

Our Services

Far more than usual post cards.

Serving Suggestions

Don't know what to write? Use our special service that guides you to a perfect post card.


Our special service adds privacy to your postcard. Only the meta data, i.e., address, remains visible.

Love Letters

Send special love letters to show your love.

Secret Text

Add invisible information to your postcard.

Chaos Post Everywhere

Decentralize the Chaos Post! Bring a part of the Chaos Post to your local hacker space.

Mail to Jail

Send a postcard to hackers that cannot come to Congress.

Help us!

The Chaos Post is an incredibly popular service. We need a lot of help for bringing around mail, emptying post boxes and taking care of the assembly. If you want to help, just come around our assembly and see what you can do. Helping can be as simple as just delivering some postcards. Delivering mail is a good opportunity to get to know Congress and to meet people. We do not have shifts in the Engelsystem.


We do not sell or give away any merchandise.

We have some merchandise for our delivery personnel on duty. Due to the high demand, we cannot bring enough merchandise to give it away. Additionally, it produces a lot of waste if we bring thousands of throw-away goodies. If you want to have a remembrance of Chaos Post, just take a post card.

Please do not take our stuff away.

Maybe you find a vector graphics file to make merchandise yourself.


Get in touch!


For all kind of questions.

Mailing List

The majority of our coordination goes via the mailing list. Subscribe if you want to become involved in organizing Chaos Post. Subscribe now!

Rocket Chat


For casual conversation and informal discussions.



For short updates and news.


The backbone of our service.

Kartendruck – welche, wann, wie, warum (nicht)

Die Chaos Post bekommt hin und wieder Designs „gespendet“ um davon Karten zu drucken. Da wir die teilweise damit verbundenen Erwartungshaltungen nicht immer erfüllen können, möchten wir unsere Vorgehensweise gerne transparent darstellen.

Bei der Auswahl der Druckmotive achten wir besonders auf Wiederverwendbarkeit sowie das aktuelle Portfolio der Chaos Post. Werbung drucken wir grundsätzlich nicht, es sei denn sie steht im direkten Zusammenhang mit der Chaos Post. Das Drucken von Postkarten mit bestimmten Motiven wird immer situationsabhängig gesteuert, u.a. abhängig von eventuellen Restbeständen von Karten.

Dementsprechende Entscheidungen werden grundsätzlich durch das Chaos Post „Backoffice“ Team nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen getroffen.

Wenn du ein Kartendesign „spenden“ order vorschlagen willst schreib uns eine E-Mail an unseren Verteiler.

Printing postcards – which ones, when, how, why (not)

The Chaos Post gets “donations” of designs from time to time to print more postcards. As we are not able to fulfill the partially related expectant attitudes, we would like to present our reasoning transparently.

When choosing the printing motives we especially consider the reusability as well as the current portfolio of the Chaos Post. In general, we do not print advertisements, unless it is directly related to the Chaos Post. The printing of postcards with dedicated designs is always dependent on the current situation, e.g. remaining stock of postcards.

Corresponding decision are in principle met by the Chaos Post “Backoffice” team accordingly.

If you want to contribute or suggest a postcard design you can contact our mailing list.


Past events with Chaos Post





Hack im Pott






Chaos Communication Camp








Chaos Post also at your events? Write us an e-mail!


In case there are complaints about our service

Die Chaos Post übernimmt keine Verantwortung für die Inhalte der versendeten und zugestellten Karten.

Als Chaos Post verstehen wir uns als Infrastrukturprovider, ähnlich dem NOC. Damit sind einige Gegebenheiten inhärent:

  • Ein Absender ist nicht zwingend anzugeben.
  • Die Übertragung ist nicht verschlüsselt.
  • Es gibt keinen Inhaltsfilter (selbst wenn wir einen etablieren würden, könnten und würden wir uns kein Urteil über den Konsent der Korrespondenten erlauben).
Bei Beschwerden nehmen wir diese natürlich dennoch ernst und hören wir euch gerne zu, ihr könnt euch auch jederzeit an das Awareness Team (i.d.R. unter 113 auf dem internen DECT-Netz) für Unterstützung wenden.

Chaos Post is not taking any responsibility about the content of the sent and received mail.

As Chaos Post, we understand our service as the one of a infrastructure provider, similar to the NOC. Therewith we are facing some inherent difficulties:

  • Sender is not mandatory information.
  • Transmission is not encrypted.
  • There is no content filter (even if we would establish one, we could and would not judge about the consent between the corresponding parties).
However, in case of complaints we certainly take them serious and are listening to you, also, you can request support from the awareness team (usually 113 on the internal DECT network) at any time.