35c3 is over! See you at the next event.

Statisticts and fun facts from 35c3

  • Our delivery persons delivered an uncounted number of postcards and other types of mail internally:
    • Food and Drinks (Waffles, Chocolate, Haribo, Beer, Mate, ...)
    • Balls from the kidspace ballpit
    • Other printed goods (like stickers from the CCL sticker desk)
    • Electronic devices
    • Letters
  • Chaos Post is operating in store and forward mode for mail to CCCcamp, 36c3, 40c3.
  • A total of 2917 postcards were submitted to Deutsche Post for Default World delivery to 41 different countries on all 5 continents:
    • 1024 international postcards
    • 1893 to addresses within Germany
  • Received donations covered the costs for the Default World transit provider
  • Number of mail drop point in operation: 4
    • Central Post Office, Hall 3
    • Späti, Glashalle
    • Shutter Island, CCL, Level -1
    • Haecksen Assembly, Hall 2
  • We received postcards addressed to the Intenational Space Station (we're still working on that) and Antarctica.
  • We bought all postcard stamps in the Leipzig Central Post office and the supermarket next to the venue refused to sell us any more.
  • We received, processed and delivered postal Traceroute, Ping, Port scan, Onion routed and hand written PGP encrypted postcards as well as hand drawn QR codes.
  • There were some broadcast issues because someone submitted 200 prtinted BTC spam mails.
  • We delivered SPAM messages (post network neutrality is important after all) and ASCII-Art porn.
  • All Chaos Post mail drop points operated in "Autonomous Night Mode" during the day 3 to 4 central office shutdown with great success.

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